How to Whiten & Revitalize Your Skin from the Inside Out

skincare and diet

Getting skin beautifully even and luminous requires two important things: the right skincare products and a healthy diet! Here’s why they’re both a must when you want a more radiant complexion and how to make them work for you. Foods that Brighten You Up No matter how many skincare products you use, your skin may never look as gorgeous as it is meant to be unless you’re eating right. Especially when lightening your skin, your diet can contribute to the whitening effect. By being aware of  Read More

Protecting Your Skin When Getting A Brow or Facial Lift

Protecting your skin

After undergoing cosmetic surgery, self-care is of the utmost importance to help your skin heal properly. This also ensures that your whole face will look healthy and gorgeous so you can reveal to the world with pride. A brow or facial lift can be a life-changing procedure that helps you look younger, but you need radiant skin to complete the look. Do you know what to expect from your surgery so that you can give your skin the best post-operative care? What to Expect From Cosmetic  Read More

Best Products that Lighten Asian and Indian Skin Tones

best skin whitening cream for indian skin

We can learn a lot from Asian skincare, where skin lightening is a common practice. Skincare in general is a huge focus too, with Korean women using up to 17 skin products a day! Luckily, when it comes to whitening your skin, you don’t have to resort to lots of products. There are some important ones to have in your beauty routine, though. If you have Indian or Asian skin you want to lighten, these are the products you should be using. Before we proceed, let’s bear this in mind: whitening  Read More