Delete Dark Spots! Effective Melasma Treatments that Work


Melasma sometimes feels like that annoying holiday guest who never leaves! Even though it can be a stubborn skin issue, here are some effective melasma treatments that work. Although you might be feeling desperate to eradicate those patches of discoloration that crop up on your face or body, you don’t want to resort to dangerous actions when treating melasma. An example is using injectable skin lightening products. These have not been approved by the FDA and can contain harmful  Read More

Make Up ideas for Thanksgiving


Using makeup to enhance your beauty is always fun, especially in the holidays! With Thanksgiving coming up, make sure you attend the celebrations with some gorgeous beauty trends up your sleeve. Here are makeup ideas you should try - they’re guaranteed to add a dash of style everywhere you go. Natural Beauty is Big This Season The ‘fresh and radiant’ face is still a big trend this season and it makes sense:  why should you cake on the makeup when you can let your natural beauty shine  Read More

Remove Your Mask of Pregnancy to Unveil Gorgeous Skin!

What’s Happening to Your Skin

You’ve probably heard of people saying how pregnant women glow, but if you’re suffering from pregnancy-related melasma that causes discoloration on your skin you’re likely to feel irritated to be left out of that cliché. Where is your glowing, fresh complexion, you ask? You don’t have to wait until after your pregnancy before unveiling it to the world. Here are product and lifestyle tips to help you become a radiant mom-to-be. What’s Happening to Your Skin? Those blotches of discoloration  Read More