Overtanned? How to remove sun tan quickly and safely

Cool Down

You tanned a lot, so now you’re stuck with a bad tan or sunburn and eager to fade it out. Or maybe you just want to get your skin back! Guilty as charged? The bad news about tans is that they signal skin damage - UV exposure is related to pigmentation issues, ageing skin, and more serious conditions such as cancer. The good news is that you can remove that suntan and get your healthy skin back as soon as possible! Here are some fast, safe tips to brighten up your skin and erase a tan. Cool  Read More

The Hottest Makeup and Skincare Trends for Fall 2015

Start Strobing

Looking gorgeous this fall is not just about wearing the trendiest makeup. You also want to have stunning skin that looks vibrant without a stitch of foundation, especially because raw beauty is fashionable in a big way. From luscious skin whitening creams to a new way to contour, here are some of the hottest tips and trends for the season. Start Strobing Strobing is regarded as the new take on contouring. What this means is that, instead of spending lots of time in front of the mirror  Read More

Lifestyle Tips to Remove Brown Patches on Your Face


When you start noticing brown patches on your face, you might think that covering them up with foundation is the only way to throw them shade, but this is not the case. There are actually pretty simple lifestyle tips you can follow that will renew your skin and get rid of pigmentation. Contrary to popular belief, you sometimes need to do less to achieve results so keep it simple. Here’s to a vibrant complexion! Get Out of the Sun! One of the most important lifestyle changes to make to  Read More