How to Lighten Skin Naturally with Ingredients Found in Your Kitchen


If you’ve ever conducted an internet search for skin lightening methods, you’re sure to have stumbled across DIY recipes that promise more radiant, evenly-toned skin. The only catch is that homemade skin lightening methods usually take longer to achieve results than products you purchase. However, you can get the best of both worlds: buy natural formulations from items you could probably find right now in your kitchen, no DIY required!   If the process of skin lightening makes you think of strong chemicals being used to give you summer radiance, it’s good to know that there are other options at your disposal. Naturally-based skincare products that contain botanical ingredients can help you lighten your skin without the damaging toxins. Since they’re scientifically formulated, they help you to achieve a more radiant skin quicker than homemade recipes, without making you lose out on their natural goodness. Added to this, your skin also gains an all-round benefit. Instead of … [Read more...]

Top Age-Defying Ingredients Found in Products that Lighten Your Skin


Fact: Every woman wants to look younger. This might cause you to reach for anti-ageing skincare products and cosmetics. But there are products you might be missing out on - ones that promise to lighten your complexion. It’s a misconception to think that skin lightening products are only meant to be used if you want to make your skin tone a shade or two lighter. The truth is that they’ve become products that offer a myriad of benefits, from helping to tackle sun damage to evening out a blotchy skin tone and, yes, even helping to make your skin stronger and younger-looking. Take Your Skin on the Bright Side One of the most obvious ways in which skin lightening products can peel the years off your complexion is by making your skin brighter. When you glow, you immediately look healthy, happy and young. Natural skin lightening products make use of flower and fruit extracts so you can show a more luminous face to the world, with ingredients such as licorice and tea to rosemary leaf … [Read more...]

Effective Natural Ingredients to Look for When Choosing a Cream for Melasma


Melasma is a skin condition that shows up as dark patches on the face. It tends to appear in brownish blotches and is most commonly found on the chin, forehead, cheeks and upper lips, but any other area of your face can be a target. Now that it’s summer, melasma might be showing up more than usual because it’s triggered by UV exposure. Luckily, there are quality skincare products out there that can help you to achieve an unblemished complexion. The trick is to look for the right natural ingredients to fight facial pigmentation. If you think that naturally-sourced ingredients are not going to be strong enough to eliminate your melasma, you’re wrong! Research points to many successful natural treatments for this stressful skin condition that are increasing in popularity. However, make sure you choose the right ones for your specific skin type that will also help your complexion to flourish in other ways. Azelaic Acid: Great for Acne-Prone Skin This acid was traditionally used to … [Read more...]