How to Avoid Burns and Skin Damage This Summer


You know you should wear SPF every time you leave the house to protect your skin against burns and damage from the sun, but are you guilty of other summer habits that could be ageing your skin and putting it at risk? Don’t Use Citrus On Your Skin in the Sun Lemon often finds its way into DIY skincare recipes, such as when you want to lighten dark spots or freckles caused by previous sun damage. But citrus and UV light don't make for a happy combination. When you've used citrus on your skin  Read More

Why This Dangerous Skin Bleaching Ingredient Is Banned in Ghana

dangerous ingredient

It's been called the gold standard of skin whitening but hydroquinone is a dangerous chemical that can have catastrophic effects on your skin and health. Due to this, all skin-whitening products containing hydroquinone have now been banned in Ghana by the country's Food and Drug Authority. This is set to be effective starting August 2016. Here's why banning hydroquinone is a step in the right direction and other countries should follow Ghana’s example. The Truth about Hydroquinone Skin  Read More

The Real Effects of Sugar on Your Body and Skin

Skin and Diet

Reaching for chocolate or candy to get you through stressful days at the office might make you worry you'll put on weight, but that's the least of your problems. Sugar has many more disastrous effects on your mind, body and skin that you need to know about. Sugar Leads To Premature Ageing If you consume sugar regularly, your skin can start to age before its time. This is because sugar sticks to proteins in the blood and forms new molecules. These are known as advanced glycation end  Read More