Does Melasma Appear on Less-Melanin Rich Skin?


Melasma is a condition that causes dark, discolored patches on the skin. These dark patches are the result of excessive melanin production in the skin cells. Discoloration associated with melasma often develops on the face, including the cheeks, the nose, the chin and the forehead; however, discoloration can appear on any part of the body. Though it is a fairly common affliction, people who suffer from it often feel self-conscious.   Understanding melasma, including the causes and risk  Read More

Brighten Skin (and Hide Scars) With This Product


Every time you look in the mirror, you can’t help but cringe when you see that scar on your face looking back at you. Or, whenever you look at your arms, back, legs, or wherever else you have a scar, you automatically feel self-conscious. Whether it’s the result of acne or a cut, there’s no denying that scars can make people feel less comfortable in their own skin. Fortunately, there is a solution to reducing the discoloration associated with those scars; it’s called skin brightening, and it  Read More

Quickly and Easily Reduce the Appearance of Burn Scars

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Even if you have cared for a burn wound, you could still get a scar. This could be because you're prone to scarring or the burn has occurred in a place where the skin pulls a lot, such as your shoulders and chest. But even though you can't completely eliminate a burn scar, you can definitely reduce its appearance. Wear Sunscreen You might not think of sunscreen as a way to treat your burn scar, but it really can make a difference in how your scar looks. When you wear sunscreen, you not only  Read More