Setting The Record Straight: Debunking Common Skin Care Myths

skin care myths

Skin care is one topic that is afflicted with all manners of myths and ‘miracle’ cures that promise rapid transformation of your skin. For almost all of these myths, you will not get anything close to what was promised and in some cases, could even cause more damage to your skin by using some of these commonly touted skin care solutions. To help you avoid this fate, we have put together a couple of the most common skin care myths and establish truths you should know about them. Read on to  Read More

Ready To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Glowing Skin?

Skintrium products for Valentine's Day glowing skin

Valentine's Day is a special day for every woman who cares about herself, and most importantly, her glowing skin. It can be hard to enjoy this special day if your face is riddled with acne or has a dull look, especially when you have a big date happening. Valentine's Day is all about feeling good and a woman’s best asset is her skin. If you are battling with skin issues, here are several products that you can use to keep your skin looking good, come Valentine's Day! Esthetic Blend Teal  Read More

Skin Care Resolutions To Make For The New Year

skin care resolutions for 2017

Every year, we all have resolutions we intend to make for the new year. We get upbeat about these them, and hope to fulfill as many resolutions as possible. This year, topmost on your list should be taking better care of your skin. Here are a few skin care resolutions that you should make to keep your skin looking great. Invest In Sunscreen And Use It Regularly Always make sure before you step out of the house, you apply sunscreen and keep reapplying it when necessary. Sunscreen is the best  Read More