Help Your Skin Make A Seamless Transition From Winter To Summer

help your skin with winter to summer skin products

Having a single skin care routine all year round is ultimately wrong. Particularly, winter and summer conditions require a different type of skin care that is not same as other seasonal conditions. There are distinct temperatures, wind conditions and UV rays that affect your skin during different seasons. It is most imperative to use the right skin care products to help your skin stay vibrant throughout the year. Comprehending the right winter to summer skin products to use is crucial for varied  Read More

Burn Scars May Become A Thing Of The Past

burn scars

Burn scarring is usually caused by proliferation of collagen cells and over the past few years researchers have been working hard to come up with a way to prevent hypertrophic scars formed after a burn. There has been recent development from Tel Aviv University from a group of researchers that have devised a non-invasive method which uses short, pulsed electric fields to prevent burn scars that are caused by excessive collagen which forms raised tissue. Research Findings The research conducted  Read More

These Foods Can Trigger Your Next Acne Breakout!

foods that cause acne breakout

Acne continues to be one of the top skin conditions that both men and women struggle with. The last thing anyone wants is a pimple breakout just when you have an important date or you are scheduled to host a very vital business presentation. In the latter years, acne breakout was mostly associated with teenagers but now more adults are facing the same predicament making it a major problem. Research shows that there are certain foods that contribute to acne breakouts but at the same time these  Read More