Can Burn Scars Fade Completely?

can burn scars fade completely?

Unfortunately, accidents happen and anyone is susceptible to them. Common accidents like fire accidents can happen at any time and this can leave an individual in a physical and emotional turmoil. Survivors of fire accidents are left with scars which not only affect their appearance but it also leaves them in an emotional havoc. Can burn scars fade completely? The good news is that this is very possible. Latest treatments and technology has enabled victims who have survived fire accidents to get  Read More

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

cuases of hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation or dark spots are a common skin condition that affects both men and women. There are several treatments and home remedies that one can use to get rid of pigmentation easily to restore the skin to a brighter, lighter look. But what really causes hyperpigmentation or dark spots in the first place? What most people don’t know is that everyday habits can cause this skin problem. Let’s look at what causes hyperpigmentation. Heat Exposure Exposure to high flames while cooking can cause  Read More

Understanding The Differences Between Skin Cancer And Age Spots

skin cancer and age spots

Cancer cases are on the rise and that is why it can be quite a scare if you notice a sudden spot on your skin. There is a fifty-fifty chance that it can be a symptom for skin cancer. Before you jump into conclusions, you need to visit a dermatologist just to confirm what the spot is. When spots develop on your skin, they don’t have to necessarily be cancer spots. Spots can appear on the skin for different reasons for example, they can be age spots. There are various skin care products you can  Read More