White Spots from the Sun


If you’ve ever experienced changes in the color of your skin you may have felt alarmed. Any differences in how our skin appears may indicate aging or skin damage, and of course there is always the frightening possibility of cancer. Sometimes the problem isn’t too much color, but rather none at all. If you have ever experienced white spots on the  skin in the summer? Whatever your type of skin condition, there are a few things to know before seeking treatment. What’s that spot? Some skin conditions cause the skin to lose melanin. Some of these may be exacerbated by the sun, but genetics may play an influencing factor as well. Vitiligo affects many people to lose melanin in patches of skin that may spread or be especially prevalent around the joints. Skin funguses like tinea versicolor may also cause white spots on the skin due to high heat or sweating caused by sun exposure. Whether your case seems to be at random or is inherited, in many instances discoloration and changes … [Read more...]

Melanoma and Age Spots: Treatment for Mature Skin


Whenever you have a new pigmentation on your face that wasn’t there before - be it due to age, sun exposure, or genetics - you want to figure out what to do about it right away so you can minimize risks to your health and maximize efforts toward prevention. Brown spots on the skin can be due to aging, cancer, or a combination of the two. While you may be concerned with changes to your physical appearance, these rapid changes may be cause for more concern than simply cosmetic. Find out whether your skin discoloration is a type of age spot or whether it’s a mole gone bad before proceeding with treatment. Age or Liver Spots Topicals Some vitamins, steroids, and other products can help reduce the effects of aging such as brown or liver spots on the skin. Vitamin C, retinoids, and products containing alpha hydroxy acids or azeliac acids all can treat brown spots and help reduce their appearance. Procedures When brown spots need extra help, you’re in luck when it comes to … [Read more...]

Show Your Skin Some Love During Your Honeymoon!


Keeping your skin looking beautiful once your wedding day is over means that you should follow some important skin tips. After all, you want your skin to be as luxurious as your honeymoon destination! Some of the following tips and tricks are fabulous skin routines you can do yourself while others involve trips to the beauty parlor that will leave you feeling luxuriously pampered. Sink into a Divine Honeymoon Massage What can be more relaxing after the stress of wedding planning than a luxurious massage? This is a skin treatment you should indulge in during your honeymoon to help you feel rejuvenated. Touch stimulates your skin to look better because it boosts your blood circulation, which means oxygen and nutrients can be transported to the skin, making it look refreshed. This is definitely a pampering treatment to share with your partner whether your honeymoon destination is a bustling city or laid-back island getaway. If you feel relaxed, your skin will follow suit. By … [Read more...]