How Celebrities Treat Their Bad Skin


Celebrities look flawless on the red carpet and big screen, but behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t rolling they don’t always have such perfect skin. It might surprise you to know which ones are suffering from skin conditions. Here is what some of them do to fix their troublesome complexions. Brooke Burke-Charvet — Melasma Actress and television personality Brooke Burke has been very open about her battle with melasma, which she says struck her after she had a baby. The condition has targeted many different areas of her face, causing dark pigment in places such as her lips and cheeks. One would never guess just by looking at Brooke that she battles with pigmentation issues until she strips off the layers of her makeup - which she once bravely did on national television. Brooke uses lots of makeup to cover up the dark patches on her face, and insists on the importance of staying out of the sun which can make melasma more pronounced. Treatment-wise, Brooke has tried … [Read more...]

How to Remove Sun Tan and Get Radiant Skin without the Sun


Suntans are so yesterday: not only are they pretty high-maintenance but they can cause many skin problems, whether you’re choosing to bake your skin under the sun or head to the sunbed. Both penetrate your skin with harmful rays that can lead to premature ageing, discoloration, melasma, and skin cancer. If you already have a suntan and you want to get rid of it without having to walk around with unsightly stripes and streaks, there are some simple ways you can achieve this. Power Up Your Exfoliation You want to remove your tan in a way that it looks natural during the process, blending in with your skin tone. You might have heard that you should be exfoliating your skin and this is definitely regarded as the most effective way to get rid of your tan, but you can amplify its results by using a skin brightening agent. Skin lightening soaps not only eradicate dead skin cells but also safely lighten your skin so you look radiant. Book a Microdermabrasion Session With that tan … [Read more...]

Flaunt Your Beautiful Fair Skin Just Like a Celebrity


Fair skin has become trendy and stylish, with popular celebrities showing off their pale yet polished complexions and leaving the rest of us in envy. The key to mastering a fair complexion so you look vivacious instead of like a vampire involves boosting radiance and following healthy skin care advice. Here are some of the best celebrity tips to achieving vibrant fair skin. Time to fade that tan and celebrate your beautifully natural complexion! Emma Stone With her rich red hair and green eyes that beautifully complement her pale skin, actress Emma Stone always looks gorgeous. It might surprise you to know Emma has really dry skin to which she has to apply oils so that it stays hydrated. She sticks to natural ingredients as much as possible because her skin is also quite sensitive, exfoliating with kitchen ingredients such as baking soda and moisturizing with olive oil. Using natural products is a great way to maintain your skin’s smoothness so that your complexion doesn’t … [Read more...]