Top Reasons For Acne On Your Cheeks

acne on your cheeks

Few things are more frustrating than those troublesome acne breakouts. Even if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, you can still suffer from acne on your cheeks, forehead, back, and other inconveniently located areas. You are doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing, aren’t you? One theory for problem acne areas is that certain parts of your face are directly connected to certain body organs. It’s a little something called face mapping. Keep those organs healthy, and  Read More

Can We Reverse Hyperpigmentation?

reverse hyperpigmentation

We all know that one person. Whether they lived in California, Florida, or some other warm, sunny region, they have spent far too much time in the sun. Their skin appears dark and wrinkly like an old leather bag. And that's a shame because that skin is the only skin they will ever have. Moisturizers can go a long way toward keeping skin hydrated, beautiful looking, and glowing. And, fortunately, there are also products that can reverse hyperpigmentation – whether caused by the sun, age,  Read More

Summer Skin Care Tips For All Skin Types

summer skin care tips

In case you haven’t noticed, there are more flip-flops, beach umbrellas, sunscreen, shorts, and tank tops out and about these days. Yes, summer is in full force, but that also means that your skin care routine will change slightly. Warm, sunny weather means that dry skin will get patchy and oily skin will get oilier. Acne, roughness, rashes, and pimples seem to be harder to get rid of. It’s time to kick in your summer skin care routine. Here are a few skin care tips to get you on your way to  Read More