Everything You Need to Know About Liposuction and Your Skin

liposuction and your skin

Making the decision to get liposuction is not one you should take lightly. It is a highly invasive procedure that alters your skin and body forever. Here is what you need to know about liposuction and how to protect your skin through the procedure so that you're happy with the results. In the U.S., more than 400,000 liposuction procedures are performed annually. What is liposuction? Liposuction is the breaking up and sucking up of fat from parts of the body. Common sites of liposuction  Read More

The Truth Behind Vitamin D And Your Skin

vitamin d

Lately there's been a lot of talk about Vitamin D and why it’s so crucial for your health. A Vitamin D deficiency can cause problems such as a lowered immune system and it even harms your skin! However, there are some popular Vitamin D myths that regularly do the rounds - are you following them? Here are facts you need to know to keep you and your skin healthy.  Fact: Your Skin Can't Function Without Vitamin D Even though you might not realize it, Vitamin D benefits your skin in a number  Read More

The Worst Health Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Skin

worst health habits

Good skin is not just about what you eat, but also how you live. Are you doing things that are causing you to experience bad skin? Here are the top habits to break. Skipping Sleep Sleep is an important part of your day because it’s when your body heals itself. While you’re in dreamland, your skin creates new collagen and your body boosts blood circulation to your skin so that you wake up with a glowing complexion. Skin also repairs itself when you sleep, and this enhances any  Read More