Natural Skin Lightening Treatments to Counter Skin Pigmentation Concerns

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Natural Skin Lightening Treatments

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What can natural skin lightening treatments do for your skin pigmentation condition? For starters, it can do something that other skin lightening treatments cannot do. Natural skin lightening treatments nourish the skin, whereas most skin lightening treatments contain harsh ingredients and only irritate the skin more when used frequently. These harsh treatments may not even be permanent, so there is little to no effectiveness.

However, with a more natural approach to skin lightening treatments, you will be able to retain the results you want with continued and frequent use. This is so because there are no harsh chemicals in the ingredients to further worsen the skin conditions you may already be suffering from.

Melanin is what causes skin pigmentation. Melanin production can be increased through sunlight exposure, hormones, and exposure to certain chemicals. The idea of both chemically geared skin lightening treatments and natural approaches to skin lightening is to reduce the skin pigmentation caused by melanin production.

Now that you know that, what choice would you suppose is best for the skin? That’s right! The natural approach!

How Do I know Which Products to Use to Lighten the Skin Naturally?

You need to look for products that don’t come with a warning from the surgeon general. Okay, so that’s a stretch. In reality most harsh treatments for lightening the skin don’t come with such warnings, but ideally you would want to look for products that cater to natural skin lightening using natural ingredients. That’s your clue right there.

Also, do some research of your own and find out for yourself what actually works to lighten the skin naturally and then look for these ingredients when you’re shopping for your natural skin lightening treatments at department stores or online. A great deal of natural and effective skin lightening products can be found online.

Educating yourself is the smartest measure you can take to ensure you’re taking the right path to finding products that provide natural skin lightening that will make your skin glisten as opposed to those that include harsh chemicals in their mixtures.

The jist of it: the active ingredient in most skin lighteners is mercury, which can lead to mercury poisoning. Another unnatural ingredient used, approved the FDA (don’t let that fool you – it can give you a serious allergic reaction) is hydroquinone. Do your research on skin lighteners and see for yourself the side effects that are attached with these products.

There are products on the market, however, that do provide natural skin lightening. With all that being said, the natural approach to skin lightening is the best approach. So, now what? Well, simply start by looking for natural skin lightening treatments that don’t contain mercury or hydroquinone. After you’ve done some research, you will know what natural ingredients work to lighten the skin and you can look for these ingredients to get the results you want.

Natural Skin Lightening Treatments

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Here’s a tip: yogurt, aloe vera leaf, lemon, honey, orange peel, oatmeal and turmeric all work to lighten the skin naturally, so you’ll want to look for natural skin lightening products that contain these ingredients. If you take these precautions, you will soon be on your way to a happier and healthier you – knowing that you’re taking care of your skin with the utmost tender, loving, care.

How to Lighten Skin for the Face and Body

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how to lighten skin

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Uneven skin pigmentation can cause a lot of anxiety and insecurity. If you would like to find a solution on how to lighten skin with dark spots and reduce the appearance of an uneven skin tone, then try these simple treatments. Avoid harsh chemicals found in most skin lightening products and creams, and try a natural approach, like the ones listed below.

Raw Papaya Facial Mask

If you have ever wondered how to lighten skin naturally, then you’re in luck. All you need to enjoy the benefits of this natural mask is raw papaya paste or fresh juice. Not only will this treatment feel and smell good on the skin, but it will also brighten and lighten your skin.

Here’s what you need to do. If you’re going to apply the papaya as a paste, leave it on for approximately 15 minutes, give or take. Then, simply wash it off. If you’re going to apply the papaya to your skin as a juice, then you might need to get your hands a little dirty.

First, you’ll want to grate the papaya and squeeze the juice from it. Then, you will need to gently apply it to your face with a cotton ball. Let the juice saturate into your skin and keep it on for approximately 20 minutes. Wash it off afterwards.

It’s so easy to do and so good for the skin – not to mention – you will easily achieve the lightening and brightening effects you are seeking with this treatment. It’s so good for your skin and smells great. Use this mask daily or alternate between days for the best results.

Dried Orange Peels and Yogurt Mask

Another great mixture sure to give you the immediate results you want is this homemade tip for how to lighten skin that is effective and easy to use. First, you’ll want to take some orange peels and dry them in the sun. Let the orange peels crisp up; you will know they are ready to use when they are crisp. Next, you will need to grind the orange peels into a powder form and mix one tablespoon of the powder with one tablespoon of plain yogurt to make a paste.

how to lighten skin

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Using a dried orange peel and yogurt mask daily will benefit your skin by lightening blemishes and dark spots. It will also help to clear the skin by removing blackheads when massaged onto the face in a circular motion.

Try these natural treatments after your normal skincare routine to lighten and brighten your complexion; you may be reading this because you are not completely sure how to lighten skin, but it’s really quite simple. These ingredients can be found at your local grocery store or even in your own kitchen.

Yogurt is known for its mild bleaching effects; its the perfect ingredient to use for this purpose. Orange peels contain citric and plant acids, which work to cleanse, lighten and brighten the skin. These acids remove dead skin and promote new skin growth, therefore, working to lighten the complexion – naturally!

When you can achieve the results you desire naturally, the process can be very rewarding. With these ingredients, you will know you are feeding your skin with nourishment and this can only benefit your complexion. Go green, live green and treat your skin well.

Brighten and Lighten Your Skin With Skin Bleaching Cream

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skin bleaching cream

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Our beauty products provide the best in skin bleaching cream to naturally brighten and lighten the skin. If you suffer from uneven skin tone and want to try a product that will not damage your skin with harsh chemicals, you need to try our world-renowned products that not only provide the best selection in skin bleaching cream, but also moisturize and provide essential nutrients for the skin.

Luxurious products, such as our Fair and Flawless Facial Collection provide the dramatic results you look for in a skin bleaching cream, without the harsh chemicals most skin bleaching products possess.

These amazing, corrective products will give you the results you want within days! Get the youthful glow you desire almost immediately; with our additional line of brightening and lightening products, Skin SoHo, you can achieve just that. This particular line focuses more on repairing uneven skin tone that is soft to the touch. Our Skin SoHo line specifically targets problem areas, such as age spots, freckles, and sun damage while saturating your skin in luxurious, nourishing, lush moisture. Achieve the brightening, lightening effect you want with our Skin SoHo line.

With our luxurious, curative, skin care line, you will also discover additional products that provide even more options in skin bleaching creams and serums. These products can be used in conjunction with our main lines, the Fair and Flawless Collection and Skin SoHo. Not only does Skintrium provide skin bleaching creams for the face, but we also have an array of skin bleaching cream, gels, and serums for the body. These additional products provide the option to not only correct uneven skin tone of the face, but to also correct uneven skin tone all over the body.

Body Whitening Collection

Our Body Whitening Collection, which is a part of our Fair and Flawless Collection, makes it possible to correct uneven skin tone of the body, with the same luxurious ingredients provided in our facial care. Our xF15 Exquisite Corrective Skin Whitening Gel, contains active lighteners and whiteners rich in hydration and nourishment; with Skintrium, choices for your skin bleaching needs are never limited.

Our Body Whitening Collection consists of the best in skin bleaching cream, and other target specific products that work to reduce the effects of over tanning, skin blotches, and uneven skin tone. In addition to using our skin bleaching cream, you can also use our Pigment Reduce Body Cleanse to further target your problem areas. Body whitening has never been easier to do, and with Skintrium products, you know your skin is receiving the best in skin bleaching cream without the harmful ingredients most skin bleaching creams contain.

skin bleaching cream

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Products by Concern

If you’re also interested in treating specific areas of the body, Skintrium products has you covered.

We provide the most effective treatments that target other areas of concern of the body, such as hands, knees, elbows, eyes, and feet. We do this for our clients to give you the best, most effective treatment in skin bleaching for your whole body – with results you will see in just a few days! You simply have to see it to believe it. Discover the many innovative, natural products available to you today from Skintrium!

You’ll love the exquisite ingredients we use and the magnificent results the use of our products have on your skin.

You’ll Never Believe How Simple Melasma Treatment Can Be!

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Pigmentation on your body is bad enough, but when it strikes your face it can feel like a disaster! Just how are you supposed to feel confident when discoloration is right on your face for all to see? But don’t panic: there are ways to get rid of melasma. Here are some tips.

Melasma Treatment

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Melasma is a skin condition that is common in women between the ages of 20 and 50 years. Characterised by pigmentation that appears on the face, it has various causes but can be treated efficiently without any invasive treatments.

Melasma can be caused by being under the sun’s rays, hormonal changes that affect the skin, or a genetic predisposition. When seeking treatment, it is important to tread carefully as some commonly used products can irritate the skin or even result in more intense symptoms!

How to Treat Melasma Safely and Efficiently

Get the Right Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an important part of easing melasma and preventing more of it from occurring. You should make sure that you use a broad spectrum sunscreen to shield your skin against any discoloration that hails from being in the sun. Added to this, wearing a sunscreen religiously and avoiding being outside can actually cause your skin to improve on its own.

Avoid the Hydroquinone Temptation

Although researching melasma treatment is likely to point you in the direction of using a cream that contains hydroquinone, this is not a good choice for the health of your skin. Although hydroquinone is considered to be an efficient skin lightener, studies have found that it can compromise one’s health as it is a possible carcinogen.

Choose Safer Ingredients

But don’t think that hydroquinone is your only chance to acquire lighter skin because it’s not! Other, safer and more natural ingredients can work even better to make your skin healthier and melasma-free.

Two natural home remedies for melasma include lemon juice and aloe vera. These two ingredients are natural skin brighteners, so it makes sense that they can work to lighten the skin. Although home remedies might not always be potent enough to provide the kind of fast results you want, choosing whitening products that contain them and are formulated for the treatment of pigmented skin can be highly beneficial to you.

80xF Face Whiten Gel contains a blend of aloe vera and lemon extract to create a gentle skin whitening treatment that removes darker areas on the face. It also prevents the production of new melanin.

Glycolic Acid for Severe Melasma

Melasma Treatment

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Sometimes your melasma can be more than light discoloration. In such cases, glycolic acid chemical peels can help to alleviate it. This has been said to be a good solution for melasma sufferers, especially those who are suffering with stronger symptoms. However, there are some whitening products that contain the benefits of glycolic acid in them, which include greater exfoliation of the skin.

By removing dead skin cells, the surface of the skin can be revitalized. It’s good to remember that sometimes pigmentation is merely a result of these dead skin cells giving the skin a dull, aged and discoloured appearance. So by erasing them, new and bright cells can come to the skin surface.

Choosing a skin whitening product that contains glycolic acid can give you great exfoliation while also working to keep your skin luminous and spot-free. Pigment Reduce Physical Face Smoother cleans your skin’s excess oils, pollutants, and gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving you with a face that glows.

If you are experiencing melasma, you don’t have to hide your face anymore. Use the above tips and products to feel confident again and show the world a brighter face!

Berries that Lighten Skin

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Natural approaches to skin whitening treatments have become more popular as well as luxurious for the skin. You know how great berries are to eat because they’re packed with antioxidants and vitamins, but they can also enrich and lighten your skin.

lighten skin

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lighten skin

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Strawberries contain high amounts of Vitamin C – a bit higher than what you find in oranges.  Vitamin C benefits the skin in the following ways:

– It enables collagen production. Two substances – hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine – are both required to secure molecules that produce collagen. Vitamin C enables this process. Collagen is important for skin because it makes it look younger, giving it greater firmness and elasticity. You know what that means: less wrinkles! If you don’t have enough collagen, your skin will look dull or lifeless – definitely not something you want if you are lightening your skin!

– Vitamin C helps to prevent skin discoloration from occurring, and if you already suffer from it, this nutrient can help to eradicate freckles and age spots. This means your healthy skin tone will be preserved and you won’t experience skin that ages before its time.

If you don’t have strawberry extracts in your skin lightening products, you can still reap their skin benefits by choosing ones that contain Vitamin C.  An example of a product that contains this nutrient is Enhanced Facial Spot Eraser that gets rid of various skin discoloration, such as sun damage, acne spots and pigmentation from hormonal origins.


Mulberry plant species help to prevent the production of melanin in the body, completely naturally. White mulberry also contains stilbenes, which are antioxidants. Research has found that stilbenes are great at hunting for free radicals. They also neutralize free radicals. This prevents the negative effects of free radicals from targeting your skin, which can include wrinkles as well as more serious conditions such as precancerous lesions. What causes free radicals? Lifestyle factors such as being in the sun too much, smoking, stress as well as obesity.

Skin Soho White Tea Lightening Gelee contains mulberry extract. This product’s blend of natural ingredients provide whitening results for the skin so that your skin tone will lighten gradually and evenly. It can also be used to maintain your lighter complexion.


Raspberry, or Rubus idaeus, also contains Vitamin C as well as polyphenols. These prevent skin damage and signs of ageing, while nourishing and firming the skin. But polyphenols really go the distance, providing even more benefits for your skin. These include:

– Scavenging free radicals that can be a source of inflammation

– Protecting against light damage on the skin

– Strengthen the outer layer of the skin so that it is more resistant to intruders

You can find raspberry in Brighter Pout Lip Balm that moisturizes and brightens lips, giving you a perfect pout. It’s a great way to achieve greater lip hydration while also enjoying lips that are defined and lightened.


lighten skin

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When it comes to skin lightening, bilberries (relatives to blueberries) can be a great natural alternative to chemicals. They contain antioxidants and tannins, which are anti-inflammatory and astringents. Bilberries can treat sun damage to skin as well as pigmentation. They are even regarded as a botanical version of hydroquinone (which whitens skin but is not recommended due to its harsh chemical composition). Bilberries also have Vitamins A and C.

Face Lighten & Rejuvenating Fluid contains bilberry and removes uneven skin tone as well as dark spots. It’s especially great for people with mature skin as it restores one’s youthful visage while getting to work on reversing skin damage.

Berries are not only great in your regular diet, but they can also benefit you with their skin nourishing ingredients. Enjoy them in products that lighten your skin. Here’s to a berry beautiful you!

Best Skin Whitening Products: The Five ‘A’ Ingredients

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There are many important factors to consider when choosing skin whitening products that will be best for you. Take a closer look at the ingredients listed on these products. Are they really good for you and your skin?

Moving away from harmful chemicals that have been previously regarded as crucial in skin whitening treatments (such as mercury or hydroquinone) is an important step to take to safeguard your health. Luckily, many skin whitening brands are concentrated on delivering treatments and creams that skip toxic ingredients.

Here are five examples of ingredients that point you in the right direction when choosing the best skin whitening products for your skin.

best skin whitening products

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Aloe is considered to be a natural skin whitener, so it makes sense to find it in the best skin whitening products. However, research shows that the gel from aloe can also help to stimulate the skin’s cell growth while offering healing properties. When used in a product such as Latte Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser, aloe helps to prepare the skin for whitening treatments. It is combined with small grains of granita to exfoliate skin so that dead skin cells can be sloughed away and brighter skin can be revealed.

Almond Oil

When you undergo skin whitening treatments, you need to ensure that you stay safe from the sun’s penetrating rays as these can undo your whitening results or cause damage to skin. The use of almond oil in skin care products can help to provide greater protection against the sun, so it makes sense to find this ingredient in skin whitening products.

A study found that applying almond oil to the skin can actually reverse previous sun damage. Enhanced Facial Lighten Cream is a luxurious lotion that rejuvenates the skin with, among other ingredients, soothing almond oil that helps to combat skin discolouration from various sources, such as the sun.

Avena Sativa (Oat)

Oats is not just something delicious to eat for breakfast! It is used in skincare to relieve irritated or itchy skin. It also contains phenols that absorb ultraviolet light. Oats is a great skin cleanser, buffing and moisturizing skin so that it can be smoother and more nourished. When found in Skintrium’s Pigment Reduce Body Cleanse, oat (otherwise known as avena sativa) helps to brighten skin with its lathering action. Your skin will feel much more luxurious right after the first wash.

best skin whitening products

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Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

These acids achieve various results for healthier skin, such as exfoliation that reveals smoother and pigment-free cells. AHAs are highly beneficial in whitening products because they help to make you look more youthful. After all, what’s the point of lighter skin if it doesn’t look refreshed, right?

Since they boost the skin’s elasticity, AHAs decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can find AHAs in various skin whitening products, such as 80xF Face Whiten Gel. Here, the AHAs work with nutrients such as Vitamin E and C to make skin smoother, more radiant and younger.

Apple Extract

Apple is another fruit that can be beneficial to skin whitening treatment because it is often used in skin care products to refresh and nourish skin. Did you know that even stem cells from apples are being used for their anti-aging benefits? Since apples contain antioxidants that help to keep skin looking younger and healthier, they’re a great ingredient in skin whitening products. You can find apple extract in Esthetic Blend Skin Whiten Gelato  where it works to whiten and nurture skin in one swoop!

There you go – some important ingredients that go the distance to ensure your skin is not only whitened, but gorgeously healthy and silky-smooth.

The Best Skin Lightener for Oily Skin

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best skin lightener

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Choosing a skin lightening product isn’t always a ‘one size fits all’ deal – the product should work with your skin type and any sensitivities you usually experience so that it can provide you with the best whitening results.

What are some of the important ingredients you should look for when choosing a skin lightener for oily skin? Read on to discover them.

What Causes Oily Skin?

Oily skin can be frustrating because its moisture can lead to shine and grease – definitely not the look you want! There are many possible causes for oily skin, such as overusing products or using them too harshly; stress; and sun tanning. All of these can lead to your skin actually producing more sebum, causing oily skin and issues such as breakouts.

Skin Whitening Ingredients for Oily Skin

A skin whitening product for oily skin should contain certain ingredients that can help to soothe any irritation and prevent shine. Some interesting ingredients include:

- Grapefruit

Since it contains high amounts of Vitamin C, grapefruit extracts can help to boost collagen, treat scars and lighten skin. The added benefit for oily skin is that grapefruit can constrict pores.

- Salicylic Acid

This is a common ingredient that helps to tackle oily skin, so its presence in whitening products can be highly beneficial. Salicylic acid is an exfoliator that gets rid of inflammation and redness. By removing dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, it ensures faster cell turnover so that your skin is fresher and looks healthier.

- Mint

Mint is another soothing ingredient for skin, especially if you suffer from acne.  Mint gets rid of breakouts naturally and could be a useful ingredient to use in home remedies as part of your overall skincare regimen.

- Oatmeal

Oatmeal is often used as an efficient exfoliator for skin and it helps to absorb any excess oil. The bonus is that it doesn’t strip skin because it’s so soothing and gentle.

Esthetic Blend Créme De Laser contains oats (otherwise known as avena sativa) that can help to give you renewed and softer skin. When oats is blended with proteins and herbal ingredients, the result is lighter and glowing skin that’s more hydrated without the shine.

- Aloe

You’ll often find this ingredient in skin whitening products and it can be beneficial to dry skin because it offers a moisturizing effect without the extra oil.

Is Gel or Cream Better for Oily Skin?

There are many skin whitening products to choose from, such as a variety of lotions and gels. If you battle with oily skin, you don’t want to use a product that’s too rich as it can cause skin to feel oilier or give you a greasy appearance. Therefore, a gel can come in handy as it’s not too creamy while still containing effective ingredients to whiten your skin.

A good face gel to try is 80xF Face Whiten Gel. It’s a light formulation that doesn’t contain oil moisture, while also preventing melanin from causing pigmentation.

Choose a Spot Eraser

If you already have acne spots, you’ll want a product that will not only provide you with lighter skin but also make it flawless. Luckily, there are skin lightener products that will target a variety of skin blemishes, such as spots, scars and sun damage marks.

The Enhanced Facial Spot Eraser was produced specifically for people who suffer from acne-prone and oily skin. So, the moisturizing ingredients don’t cause pores to clog or any breakouts. It even tackles spots that are a result of hormones.

If you have oily skin, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid whitening it. You just need to follow the right skin care tips and purchase lightening products that have your skin protection in mind.

Tips for Choosing the Best Skin Lightening Products

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Choosing to lighten your skin is a big decision that you want to ensure you do safely. When deciding on what products to use, you want nothing less than the best because this is your skin we’re talking about!

best skin lightening products

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Safety First!

Having lighter and more luminous skin shouldn’t sacrifice your wellbeing. The first thing to look out for in a skin lightening product is that it contains healthy ingredients that are not going to have adverse side-effects. The product shouldn’t contain harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone as this can be devastating to skin. After it gets absorbed into the skin, hydroquinone reveals lightening results, but this is only temporary. Over time it actually starts to darken skin, and can even disfigure it!

Instead of toxic chemicals, choose naturally-based skin lightening products as much as possible. These ingredients, such as natural oils and plant-based compounds, help to make skin healthier, so that it’s not only whitened but also rejuvenated.

Amplify the Antioxidants

You’ve probably heard about the importance of having antioxidants in your eating plan to fight off free radicals that can damage the skin and body, but they should also feature in the best skin whitening products. The presence of antioxidants actually increases the whitening power of the skin lightening process. Products such as Skintrium’s Skin Soho Facial Lightening Parfait contain antioxidant ingredients that whiten but also moisturize and soothe skin. So, always check that a skin whitening product goes the extra mile by offering you antioxidants.

Be Gentle with Sensitive Skin

Every part of your body requires gentleness, but there are some areas that demand a greater sensitivity when it comes to skin lightening, such as the delicate skin on your armpits. The best skin lightening products will ensure that they are tailored to specific areas so that you can get the best results without any harm inflicted.

Another important consideration is your skin type. For instance, Skintrium’s Radiance Restore Elixir is best suited to mature and/or sensitive skin types, providing extra nourishing ingredients that these types of skin require. The best skin lightening products will offer you these extra considerations for your specific skin, which is especially important if you have any sensitivities.

Guard Against the Sun

When you whiten your skin, you are essentially reducing its melanin production. Besides for being responsible for pigment that you want to erase, melanin also helps to guard your skin against the harsh sun’s rays. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a high-quality skin lightening product that can reduce these spots, but it does mean you have to ensure you protect your skin after lightening treatments by wearing sunscreen. A skin lightening product can also contain ingredients that offer greater protection against the sun, such as zinc oxide, so they are worth including in your skin lightening regimen.

Choose a Product that’s Part of a Line

best skin lightening products

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Have you ever used a beauty or skincare product that made mention of how best results could be achieved from it by using it in conjunction with others? An example is how a cleanser and moisturizer can work together to give you clearer skin. When choosing skin lightening products, the same idea can, and should, be followed.

Some products provide better skin lightening results when they are used with others. The reason is because all the products focus on different aspects of luminous skincare, allowing you to achieve comprehensive results. For instance, using a moisturising skin lightening cream in the Skintrium range can be followed by a product that prevents and heals sun damage.

When choosing the best skin lightening products, it helps to consider these points so that you will be confident about starting a skin lightening process and feel good in your skin.

What Skin Whitening Lotion Can Do For Your Body

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You worry about your face looking its best, but what about the skin on your body? You don’t only have to use a skin whitening lotion when you have as specific skin condition. But that’s the great thing about such lotions: they can target areas while giving you all-over radiance, too.

Here is what skin whitening lotions can do for your body and special precautions to take so that you achieve the best results from them.

skin whitening lotion

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Zap Discoloration

You might only be faced with pigmentation in one area of your body, or all over. What exactly is pigmentation and why is it raining on your parade? When melanin-creating cells in the body become damaged or unhealthy, this affects their melanin production. The result is pigmentation. Various factors can contribute to damaging these cells, such as pregnancy or sun exposure. A skin whitening lotion can help to remove discoloration so that your skin looks more luminous and even-toned.

Skin Tip: It’s not just younger skin that can benefit from pigment-erasing creams. Mature skin can also be remedied! Skintrium’s Esthetic Blend Créme de Laser helps skin become more youthful while getting rid of spots and discoloration.

Encourage New Skin Cells

If you look in the mirror and see a dull skin tone on your body, it’s time for a skin whitening product! Dull skin can be caused by natural aging – from the age of 30, skin cells regenerate at a slower turnover rate, resulting in dead skin cells that give your body a dull appearance. Stress is another cause of dull skin. When you feel stressed out, the body creates epinephrine, which lowers blood flow to the skin.

Skin Tip: You need to choose a skin whitening lotion that will give you a smooth and even skin tone all over – it will look strange if there are areas where your skin has been lightened and brightened, while others have not, so choose a brand you can trust.

skin whitening lotion

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Tighten it up!

When skin ages, it can lose its tightness and elasticity, two hallmarks of youthful and vibrant skin.

A study has shown that certain ingredients can the help to tighten and moisturize the skin. One of these is aloe vera gel, which contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so it’s worth looking for aloe ingredients in a skin whitening lotion.

Skin Tip:  A lotion you apply on your skin will be most efficient at helping you achieve youthful skin if you also follow healthy lifestyle tips, such as eating the right foods that will keep it hydrated and soft.

Save Sun-Damaged Skin

skin whitening lotion

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Spending a large amount of time in the sun can be highly damaging to your skin: it can lead to issues such as premature aging, redness and roughness. A skin whitening lotion can help to diminish such effects, while working on polishing your skin tone.

Skintrium’s Enhanced Suntan Reducing Cream soothes damaged skin while brightening your skin tone so that it looks more luminous.

Skin Tip: When choosing a skin whitening lotion, always make sure that you also top up on sunscreen when you leave the house. This not only prevents skin from showing pigment, but also ensures that your skin whitening results are maintained.

By choosing a whitening lotion with various benefits to your skin, you can achieve healthier skin. Here’s to body confidence!

Face Bleaching Creams to Help Diminish Scarring

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Face Bleaching Creams

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When people hear the word “bleaching,” negative connotations often come to mind. However, women and men use lightening products for a variety of reasons, and for those who suffer from acne scarring–as well as other types of scars–brightening creams can make a world of difference. They heal old wounds and have the power to help the self-conscious consumer save face (no pun intended).

Don’t get us wrong… scars, moles, and other distinguishing marks can actually enhance beauty! But we firmly believe that cosmetic preferences should be an individual’s choice. Therefore, if you have prominent scars that are bothering you, the following information and product recommendations might creams might be helpful.

What Causes Acne Scars?

The type of the facial scar is highly dependent on skin type. Some people are more susceptible to pigmentation at the site of acne and pimples than others (a lot of this has to do with skin type, hormones, and genetics). As a rule of thumb, the more inflamed the area, the more likely it is that the blemish will leave hyperpigmentation or scarring; changes in the dermis results in changes in collagen production. The deeper the valley–like in cystic acne–the more likely it is that some scarring will occur.

The good news? Discoloration can usually be treated. The dark discoloration (also called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) can result from eczema, acne, keratosis pilaris, or any other type of skin inflammation. If the scar is raised or appears as a deep indent, you might require special treatments like microdermabrasion. However, many non-prescription creams can help you fade the discoloration around scarring.

Bleaching Creams for Face – Ingredients to Look For (And One “No-No”)

Luckily, bleaching has come a long way, and new breakthroughs in brightening technologies have made it possible to lighten hyperpigmentation scarring natural. One favorite is kojic acid, a byproduct in the fermentation of rice malting. (If you like Japanese food and drink, it’s also a crucial component of the Sake-making process.) It helps inhibit the production of too much pigmentation. Basically, it’s a healthy and natural way to lighten scarring and help achieve a more uniform skin tone.

And that was the good news. Now here’s on word of caution; whatever you do, resist using skin creams that contain hydroquinone. The synthetic agent has been known to cause skin irritation and cause allergic reactions. Other positive skin ingredients to look for include aloe vera, gingko biloba, and citrus extracts.

Finding a Formula — A Process

Every person is different. Some claim to have luck fading scarring using simple formulas like Elizabeth Arden’s cult-classic 8-Hour Cream. Others resort to more expensive treatments or creams specifically designed for bleaching. Whatever you do, be sure to consult your dermatologist before using any heavy-duty lightening agents or undergoing a lightening procedure. Skintrium is a great resource, and their staff can give you a consultation that will determine which product best suits your specific needs.

Hope in a Bottle

You don’t have to live with life-long scarring! There are options out there. Do you have an acne-scarring story? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.